VARIETY is our first project which we started in 2016. The idea was to give our friends and acquaintances an opportunity to exhibit their works as well as to give the musicians among them the opportunity to play at the after party.

By VARIETY we mean every kind of diversity that surrounds us. On the one hand the diversity of the people and cultures in Vienna, on the other hand the diversity that lies in art and music.

Our VARIETY were the different art styles in the exhibitions, such as photography, design, vintage fashion, visual arts, furniture restoration, etc. Musically, we were inspired by the various electronic music directions such as ambient, downtempo, house, deep house, techno and other directions inspire and invite you to dance.

Our guests were well-known names from the world of electronic music such as: Denis Horvat, Love Over Entropy, Aera, BOg, Kristijan Molnar, Sandrino, Coeus, Mononoid, Hibrid as well as many other local and international DJs and producers.

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Our association uses the power of music, design, art and fashion to bridge divides, connect communities and to promote upcoming artists.

Where to find us

Kulturplattfom FJU:
Kolschitzkygasse 10
1040 Vienna

ZVR: 1966007699

E-Mail: info (at)
Phone: +43 699 11993007