We entered the world of exhibitions with our first project in December 2016. The idea was to give our friends and acquaintances an opportunity to exhibit their works and thus to present them to a wider audience.

Our focus was not on any particular art direction but more on building a network and introducing the artists behind the works. Our exhibitors included many students of the visual and applied arts in Vienna as well as renowned international artists.

In addition to the prominent artists, we also gave some newcomers the opportunity to exhibit in order to get a glimpse behind the scenes and also to get helpful tips from the experienced artists.

In the future we will be organizing more exhibitions and expanding our network. If you are interested in attending one of our exhibitions, send us your story and works and we will try to consider you in the future -> info (at) fju.vision

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Our association uses the power of music, design, art and fashion to bridge divides, connect communities and to promote upcoming artists.

Where to find us

Kulturplattfom FJU:
Kolschitzkygasse 10
1040 Vienna

ZVR: 1966007699

E-Mail: info (at) fju.vision
Phone: +43 699 11993007