About FJU:

We are an independent cultural platform based in Vienna Austria. Our vision is to offer a network that gives like-minded people a platform to show their work to a wider audience. We work mostly locally, but we have both done our own events and supported other organisations in realising their projects in other cities and countries.

Our focus is on contemporary art forms such as the visual/fine arts, photography, design and architecture as well as in the various electronic music genres. This diversity of focus constantly gives us new inspiration to fight against the existing and outdated concepts in these areas. We also want to understand what inspires the artists and how they reflect their vision through their work. 

As for our name, as there has always been some ambiguity.
The name FJU: comes from the English word few (not many, small number of) – the few of us. The name is written how it is pronounced which gives it a Balkan touch (linguistically), as our origins mostly come from this region. 

From the beginning it was clear that our vision would appeal to a few, as the closer examination of art and music was always done by creators and industry insiders. But that is exactly what gave us the drive and dedication to present our vision to a wider audience. 

Any kind of support is more than appropriate in times like these. If you like what we do and want to participate, contact us and we will try to find something suitable together. 

Contact: info (at) fju.vision 

Another possibility to give us a helping hand is to support us financially. The support goes into our financial pool for various expenses such as setup costs, marketing material or food and drinks for the participating artists. 

Kulturplattform FJU:
IBAN: AT19 2011 1842 4752 3700
Payment Reference: Donation

dedicated discovering culture
dedicated discovering culture
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Our association uses the power of music, design, art and fashion to bridge divides, connect communities and to promote upcoming artists.

Where to find us

Kulturplattfom FJU:
Kolschitzkygasse 10
1040 Vienna

ZVR: 1966007699

E-Mail: info (at) fju.vision
Phone: +43 699 11993007